Revision Worksheets

Here you will find some revision worksheets that will allow you to properly implement the The Silver String Technique revision method. They are completely free to download. You will also find a revision timetable template and a link to GetRevising’s online revision timetable generator. Finally, you will find an imaginative association example for converting revision notes into a mental film (bottom left of the page).

The revision book “The Silver String Technique: Revise Smart, Achieve More” explains exactly how to use these revision worksheets to maximum effect.

Revision Worksheet 1


Download Worksheet 1

Download Alternative Worksheet 1 (wider fields)

Filled-in Worksheet 1 Examples

Revision Worksheet 2


Download Worksheet 2

Download Alternative Worksheet 2 (wider fields)

Filled-in Worksheet 2 Examples

Imaginative Association


Download Film Example

Larger Diagrams From The Book

Some of the diagrams in the book “The Silver String Technique: Revise Smart, Achieve More” may be a bit small to see clearly on mobile and other digital devices. Here is the full set of diagrams used in the book. Click a thumbnail to load the large image.

Note: if you run into any problems downloading and printing any of these revision worksheets, feel free to ask Sebastian for help.